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Scent | Grapefruit, Corriander + Honey Blossom. 15 premium handcrafted incense sticks per package, each with a 45 min burn time. The MAAPS line is made from eco friendly bamboo sticks carefully crafted with organic essential oils and natural resin. 

  • Use  |  Place bottom of stick in holder or plant and light tip. Keep away from flammables. 
  • Material  |  Bamboo, Organic Essential Oils, Natural Resin
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA
  • Incense Holder sold separately, see options here

Why We Chose Them  |  Creative packaging, geometric holders, and rich earthy scents are the reasons MAAPS products caught our eyes. Whether you like to use incense to set the stage for hosting guests, or as a way to calm you down after a long day, we think that MAAPS' clever scent blends offer something for everyone. The burning of these beautiful scents help us to be more mindful of our homes, and of the small rituals that make us present to the moment. And with materials like bamboo & resin, it is a sustainable way to bring fragrance to your space.

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