Iris Hantverk

Nail Brush


Keep your hands looking clean and polished with this single-sided nail brush. Crafted from oil treated oak and tampico white fibre, pair it with your favourite hand soap to clean away any dirt and grime.

  • Materials  |  Oak, Tampico
  • Dimensions  |  L 10 cm  |  W 3 cm  |  Height 4 cm
  • Care  |  Allow the brush to dry standing on its bristles so that the water is transported away from the wood that is more sensitive to moisture.
  • Made in Sweden

Why We Chose Them  |  Iris Hantverk creates beautiful, sustainable options for household brushes and other goods. They employ visually impaired craftsmen to produce wooden brushes for use in the kitchen, bathroom, and the rest of the home. So many household items are made of plastic, and inevitably end up in landfills once they have reached the end of their life. Iris Hantverk’s natural approach means that their brushes can be easily dismantled, and their materials recycled or biodegraded after their long life of use. This reduces waste and keeps plastic trash out of our Oceans!