Well Kept

Safety Razor Blades


Set of 20 recyclable safety razor blades. We recommend switching out the blade every 5-8 shaves.

Note  |  These Astra blades are a favourite, but this razor is compatible with almost all standard safety razor blades.

Why We Chose Them  |  The founders of well kept are true entrepreneurs - they couldn’t find what they wanted in the marketplace, so they created it. The issue they focused on was changing the conversation and habits around women’s shaving. With their natural, sustainable products, they empower women to shed shame around shaving, and do better for our planet by opting out of disposable razors and using natural products for their self care. Being Vancouver based, they also have a strong connection to the Ocean and keeping it clean. They even have their own motto - #KeepTheBeachWellKept to encourage doing your part to keep our beaches free of trash!

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