VSSL | First Aid


Designed to endure the most rugged conditions, and holding just the right amount of key first aid components, you can count on your VSSL First Aid to be ready when you need it most. Equipped with a flashlight and compass this is the ultimate must have in adventure gear. The Ocean especially can be an unpredictable place - best to be prepared! Easily stored in any size of boat. It is indestructible, waterproof, lightweight, and has a lifetime warranty.

  • Material  |  Military grade aluminum
  • Size  |  9"L x 2"W, less than 1lb
  • Use  |  Conveniently pack for any adventure so you are always prepared.
  • Made in Canada

 Why We Chose Them  |  There is nothing we love more than encouraging people to interact with our natural world, so that they may appreciate its beauty + wish to preserve it. VSSL has created quality, functional gear that makes it easy to be prepared for your adventures, on land or sea. They hail from Abbotsford, BC, where they partner with Communitas - a not-for-profit serving young people with special needs - to provide guidance and employment. Founder Todd Weimer grew up in Northern Canada and is well versed in the challenges of the great outdoors, so we trust that his products are as reliable as they are sleek. We are excited to support a Canadian company that is doing good things in their communities and making it safer to enjoy spending time outside.

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