Olivine Atelier

13 Moons Perfume | Dragon Moon


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 The Dragon Moon fragrance ignites the energy of the moon. It begins with ripe notes of the evocative and sensual fig. Then balanced with White Tea, Amber Blanc, and Spring Musk creates a scent light enough for heavy wings to take flight, and green and bright enough to inspire your youthful energy. Each bottle of Dragon Moon fragrance contains the Super Seven crystal, which allows you to unleash your full potential. It allows you to cleanse yourself and release negative energy. Let it go--you will be glad you did. 

  • Size  | 0.5 oz.

  • Use  | Set a beautiful intention for your bottle, and dab onto your pulse points

  • Made in Washington

Phthalate free, paraben free, vegan and cruelty free.

Why We Chose Them  | Owner Julie combines a belief in the mystical powers of ocean breezes, feminine strength, and unconditional self-love with beautiful scents that intoxicate you with their intentions as much as their smell. We have chosen to carry from her 13 Moons collection, all of which are linked to a different full moon of the year. Every bottle comes with a full + entrancing scent, and house grounding crystals each chosen for their individual properties. All perfumes are vegan, + phthalate, paraben, + cruelty free. These beautiful bottles are sacred objects, and will add mystery and beauty to your life wherever you take them.