Convivial Production

Serving Tray | Ivory

$34 $49

These dishes are hand made and dipped in a soft, ivory glaze. Their elongated geometric design makes them perfect for serving cheese, biscuits, and more.

  • Material  |  Porcelain
  • Size  |  11.5" X 6" X 1"
  • Dishwasher, microwave, & food safe. 
  • Handcrafted in Kansas City

Why We Chose Them  |  Convivial Production is a design and manufacturing company that labors over the creation of ceramic wares for the home, table, and garden categories. Every item is thoughtfully produced with ethically sourced materials, with the end intention being to fit easily into any home and inspire conviviality. Convivial has a steadfast commitment to sustainable production by highly valued artisans, and a genuine wish to bring people together to share in food, friendship, and the joy of connecting. We are inspired by their approach to design, and to life: simple, sustainable, convivial. Plus, Owner Chentell Shannon is a power house business woman who creates jobs for other artistic women and is a shining example of who we aspire to be!

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