Fernwood Coffee Company

Medium Blend | Fernwood Coffee Company

$18.00 CAD


Fernwood Coffee's Medium Blend. Our Favourite coffee made by some of our favourite people. Whole, roasted beans mean you get a freshly ground cup every morning. All Fernwood Coffee is Organic and Fairtrade, and Victoria roasted. 

Why We Chose Them  |  We are a big believer that collaboration should be valued over competition, something we know that Fernwood Coffee is into too. Not only do they roast some damn tasty beans, they believe that coffee is their way to engage their community and build relationships. We love that each variety they create is carefully sourced and roasted to produce the finest quality product they can make. They are always pushing their boundaries to come up with new, distinctive blends, right next to the Ocean in our Victoria backyard. We invite you to wake up with them every day!

Fernwood Coffee Company

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