Hanging Himmeli | Porvoo


Himmeli have minimalist, geometric forms. Removed from their rural Finnish past, they have become decorative objects whose shapes, movements and shadows delight the senses. Himmeli look beautiful on their own or hung in groups - add an air plant for extra flora inside your home!

  • Material  |  Brass Tubing  |  Nylon String
  • Approx. Size  |  5" Height  |  2" Width
  • Handcrafted in Shawnigan Lake, BC

Why We Chose Them  |  We love Scandinavian style almost as much as Lumota Designer Johnna Puusa. She has taken the Finnish tradition of creating annual straw Himmeli’s, and using long-lasting brass tubing, produces beautiful designs we can enjoy all year. We love her geometric designs from the simple to the complex that add a boost of minimalist style to any room.