Salt Spring Kitchen

Jam | Spicy Tomato


Spicy Tomato jam is one of SS Kitchen Co.'s oldest and most popular recipes. A sweet sauce with a little heat that elevates any cheese platter, egg dish, or sandwich (pretty much put it on everything).

  • Use  |  Add to cheese platters, eggs, burgers, sandwiches, ham, roast beef, etc.
  • Handmade on Salt Spring Island, BC

Why We Chose Them  |  Salt Spring Kitchen Co. makes some of the best things to ever come out of a jar or a bottle. They offer handmade, small batch preserves and sauces to pair with cheese, charcuterie, & anything else you want to put them on. Their line is popular well beyond our Island’s shores, delighting tables & tastebuds wherever they end up. We love their use of natural ingredients, recyclable glass containers, and hardworking entrepreneurial spirit. We feel lucky to have them right in our home town!

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