Your Bag of Holding

Black Leather Fanny Pack


Hands free and stylish, this mini bag is a great carryall for any occasion. It can be worn cross body, slung over the shoulder or around the waist. Made of soft, supple leather, this mini bag will last a lifetime. Zippers are high quality Raccagni zippers from Italy.

  • Material  |  Leather
  • Dimensions  |  9" W | 6.5" H
  • Handmade in Vancouver

Why We Chose Them  |  Your Bag of Holding is led by an awesome female entrepreneur, which we are always a fan of. Her trendy bags are handmade in Vancouver from natural materials, like wool + leather, which means they will last forever if you care for them. These are not the fanny packs of the 80s - we can’t get over how cool they are. Sling them over your shoulder or wear them waist height to tote all your essentials.