Fitzy's Chocolates

vegan chocolate | dark chocolate bar

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Vegan 70% dark chocolate with delicious additions like peppermint oil, and vegan caramel or coconut make these treats an indulgent experience.

    • Made in Vancouver
    • Size | 40g bar
    • Ingredients | ALL ORGANIC cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter (as well as: coconut flakes, mint oil, coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt depending on flavour)


Fitzy's Chocolates started out with an initiative of making unique, organic, vegan 70% dark chocolate a reality. Their cocoa is ethically sourced from Peru, where the owner, Teri Kershaw, has taught women how to make chocolate themselves, creating additional revenue streams for them. PLUS, this wonderful company is female-owned and led, we think that is pretty rad!