WILD Cookbook

Wild | Adventure Cookbook


Bringing rich flavors to the great outdoors, this mouthwatering collection of recipes by Chef Sarah Glover evokes the sights, smells, and tastes of the Australian wilderness. Filled with gorgeous photographs from the shores of Tasmania and beaches of Sydney to the mountains of Australia's east coast, this cookbook shares Sarah's recipes and secrets to inspire others to cook and eat outside. She offers tips for preparing food over an open flame as well as a list of basic outdoor cooking equipment. Her recipes are simple and straightforward--often involving only a handful of ingredients--and her instructions are breezy and clear. Whether it's a quiet retreat in nature or a dawn-to-dusk beach party, Sarah Glover has a menu that will satisfy your hunger for fresh, modern food eaten in the great outdoors.

Why We Chose Them  |  We love Chef Sarah Glover’s bold approach to outdoor cooking. It honours whole, healthy ingredients, challenges you to see food in new ways, and encourages you to spend time in the wilderness. The way she cooks inspires us to get back to the basics of authentic food, and come together with friends & family to celebrate the joy of sharing a creative meal.

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