Conner Hats

Wool Floppy Fedora | Putty


A chic, floppy wool fedora style that will work as well on high street as it will at the beach. Features a raw edge and satin adjustable inner band for a perfect fit. Crushable, UPF 50+, one size fits most.


  • Material  |  100% Australian Wool. Adjustable Satin Inner Band
  • 4" Brim
    • Handmade in China

    Why We Chose Them  |  Conner Hats is a company with great family history, and with that, comes the marks of true quality craftsmanship honed over time. They create functional, durable hats that will last you a lifetime of adventuring. They are also just darn beautiful! Hailing from Byron Bay, Australia, they know how to keep the sun off your head while you are touring the outback of wherever you call home. We love their commitment to creating items that can be loved & lived in for decades. Long-lasting quality items mean less waste in landfills & more time spent enjoying a cleaner planet.

        Our sewing facilities are located in Vancouver, B.C. We love having them so close to home. Producing locally means we stay connected to the lifecycle of our garments, and the people who make them.

        We can visit the facilities any time we need to and have cultivated close relationships with the people responsible for making our clothes. We are a people-first brand and we feel good knowing that our products are produced ethically in facilities that value their employees. We value them too!

        Navigating the textile world is tricky. It’s not currently set up for the most sustainable of supply chains. We are working all the time to find better ways to approach production and make the best choices we can. In the end, our hope is that every one of our pieces creates meaningful conversation around minimizing our environmental impact and keeping our Oceans cleaner. This is how we plan to be a part of lasting change leading us towards a more conscious future.

        women's size chart
        Can we talk about size charts for a minute?

        All SALT clothing is designed in-house. Which means we reference our own bodies when creating garments. and that means these clothes are designed to fit all kinds of shapes and figures and our sizing is reflective of that. Grabbing a "standard size chart" from somewhere online was a big no for us!

        We quickly found that creating a size chart is no easy task. No one's body lines up into one perfectly straight column of numbers. We're curvy, narrow, large and small in all kinds of places. Our size chart is the result of a collaborative effort and discussion between the women on our team, our customers, and friends; Real people with all sorts of body types and fit preferences.

        Go with the size your measurements most align with. With that said, a size guide should be a tool, not a rule. When sizing yourself for our clothes, we recommenced paying special attention to the area you have the most difficulty finding that comfortable fit in (We've affectionately started calling it the "trigger-spot".) and choose the size that fits accurate to you in that area. 

        Keep in mind all of our women's tops are made to be more fitted in the shoulders and bust, and flow from the body at the waist and hips. We've found this to be the most flattering cut for the majority of people, and it's a style our customers can rely on.

        tips for measuring yourself:
        • Use a soft tape measure. If you don't have one, use a string and reference it against a measuring tape on a flat surface.
        • have someone help you to ensure you are getting the most accurate measurement.
        • do not tighten the measuring tape or allow it to slack too much as you measure. You want a smooth, and snug fit.
        • reference the table below if you are unsure where a measurement should be taken from. From top to bottom these figures display: Shoulders, Bust/Chest, Waist, Hips, Inseam 
        Women's Measurement Guide
         Men's Measurement Guide

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