Conner Hats

Wool Floppy Hat | Black


A fun, curvy brimmed hat, perfect for any time of year. Roll it up and pack away for travel. Shake it out, give it a quick steam from a tea kettle if necessary. Crushable, UPF 50+, one size fits most.

  • Material  |  100% Australian Wool
  • 3.5" Brim
  • Handmade in China

    Why We Chose Them  |  Conner Hats is a company with great family history, and with that, comes the marks of true quality craftsmanship honed over time. They create functional, durable hats that will last you a lifetime of adventuring. They are also just darn beautiful! Hailing from Byron Bay, Australia, they know how to keep the sun off your head while you are touring the outback of wherever you call home. We love their commitment to creating items that can be loved & lived in for decades. Long-lasting quality items mean less waste in landfills & more time spent enjoying a cleaner planet.

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