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Article: BEES + BONES | The first collection

BEES + BONES  |  The first collection

BEES + BONES | The first collection

I first met Brooke, an aspiring designer, in a fantastic store downtown Victoria called Francis Grey. My mom had visited and said I must stop by and check out this new bohemian shop! 

Brooke was chatting at the counter with the owner of the lovely shop, Lara. As she spread fabric swatches and shared her sketch book, I jumped into the conversation! I instantly wanted to support Brooke in her first collection as a designer. Her style is timeless, classic, and makes you want to throw on your favourite denim and sun hat to head out for a summery adventure. 

Brooke was excited by my offer and we instantly started chatting about color schemes that would flow for SALT. The obvious, whites, blacks and blues came to mind. Upon leaving that day Brooke had a mission to find fabrics and I was elated to help out a fellow designer! See some of my favourites below!

Stop into the show, or visit the Bee's + Bones Collection on our web shop to get your hands on some of her delightful items, sewn with love from linen and cotton! 


Learn more about Brooke and her process on her website here

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Treat Yourself  |  Gifts for you

Treat Yourself | Gifts for you

Six items that make it easy to treat yourself! Because we are all beautiful, unique and valuable. At times it is hard to love ourselves, but we always deserve it!            

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Autumn Sun and the Tidal Pant

Autumn Sun and the Tidal Pant

Every year as the leaves begin to fall I look forward to a change of pace in our small town. I know for some it may bring a moment of sadness as the days grow shorter and the grey clouds move in; ...

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