HOME | A Sanctioned Space

August | 16 | 2017

When you walk in the front door, especially after a long day, you just want to enjoy the sanctuary of home. Somewhere that is yours to be you and decompress from the distractions of the outside world. Lighting a candle or spritzing your favourite scent can really help with creating a tranquil atmosphere that separates you from whatever it is you desire space from.   Candlelight is a comfort, and also a mystery. The flicker of the flame. The dance of the shadows. The calmness of the dim. It's soft light envelopes us like a hug. Yet, it's constant flurry of... Read more

ADVENTURE 03 | Meet Wilder

August | 09 | 2017

Over the past year, I built my first home! A beautiful, modern 1350 sqft haven with the help of family + friends. After moving in and spending some time there I have realized that at this time in my life, I don't need that much space. Cue my next adventure. I would like to introduce you to my newest kin member: Wilder. I will be taking on the renovation of this 31ft 1973 Airstream Sovereign starting in August, rebuilding it from the frame up. Owning a vintage trailer has been a dream of mine since I knew cool trailers such... Read more

AENONS | Nature-al Skin Care

August | 02 | 2017

The word Aenon is the Greek word for "spring" or "natural fountain." This makes it an incredibly appropriate name for a natural grooming line that gives your skin the refreshment it craves.  The evolution of Aenon into a full skin care line and wellness collection was inspired in part by founder Queenie Sitterson's battle with the dry climate of sunny L.A. "My skin was irritated and became sensitive to the products that I was using. The only remedy that provided any temporary relief was using pure plant oils directly on my skin. I then incorporated medicinal herbs and simple oil and... Read more

FRIENDSHIP | International Day of Friendship

July | 26 | 2017

This isn't just an arbitrary day that someone decided should be dedicated to their buddies. The United Nations declared July 30th International Friendship Day to support the idea that "...friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities." It is a commitment to show the youth of our world that camaraderie and cooperation are what we need to lead us to long term international peace. That is a fantastic sentiment. Here at home, we want everyone to take this day as an opportunity to thank all those rad people who make up our support systems.... Read more

MEET THE BOSS | Q+A with Jessica

July | 12 | 2017

Behind every great brand is at least one amazing visionary. We thought it high time to give you the dirty on our one and only boss-lady extraordinaire, Jessica Wilson. She is an entrepreneur by nature, always seeing the possibility to create, well, anything that will inspire her and others. She let us in on a few details about herself, her life, and what drives her.  Who influences your style? Life - ha ha. That is the life I want to live. Living in a small community, I don't need to ‘dress up’ very often, but I like to look nice... Read more

WAFFLES | Bring on the Buckwheat

July | 05 | 2017

When we think about decadent breakfasts, we often lust after fluffy flapjacks stacked high, with sugary syrup running over the sides and pooling on our plate. Then many of us hold our middles as our stomachs groan, and move on to a smoothie. Not so with this tantalizing morning treat! No wheat, no sugar, no problems. These are our favourite fermented Buckwheat Waffles. Buckwheat groats, despite the misleading name, are actually seeds from the buckwheat plant, not a grain. Their benefits and functions are much like quinoa. This receipe is awesome for those of us with wheat sensitivities or anyone... Read more

CANADA | Why we love it

June | 28 | 2017

We have so much to be grateful for in this vast country of ours. Sure, we have things like Tim Hortons, plaid, hockey, toques, and all the other funny little things that we are associated with abroad. We love those things, but it is the fundamentals of our country that make it fantastic. Openness, respect, compassion. Our country takes care of us, so that when we are hurt or a family member is sick, we don't have to decide between getting better or going into debt. We have freedom and peace at levels far beyond so many places in the... Read more

BALANCE | Work + Life

June | 21 | 2017

I have to laugh as I start to write this. The topic is a little ridiculous due to the fact that I have been trying to write this post for four weeks, which just goes to show you how balanced my to do list is at SALT these days. Finding a good work/life rhythm is a subject that weighs on me heavily, not in a bad or good way. It is just something that I try to be mindful of. Being an entrepreneur for the last 12 years of my life has lead to some high highs alongside low lows.... Read more


June | 14 | 2017

Father, Dad, Pops, Papa, Daddy, Dada, Old Man - there are a lot of names we could call the guys who gave us half our DNA. No matter what you call him, he's the figure we'd like to pay tribute to this week. In the past, Dad's were stereotypically supposed to be the tough guys. They were the ones tasked with protecting us and teaching us to be strong. They were meant to be a stern presence in the house that you respected and obeyed. They weren't given a lot of leeway on how they were expected to behave. There... Read more


June | 07 | 2017

NAME  |  Julia Barnes BRAND  |  Honubelle LOCATION  |  Calgary, AB Coffee or Tea  |  Coffee with cream Currently Listening  |  Weird Fishes by Radiohead Favourite Quote  |  "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." - Mark Twain In 10 words or less, what do you do?  I design swimwear for women to feel confident and sexy. What motivated you to start your business?  I've wanted to design and create fashion since I was a little kid. I needed that creative outlet, but I wanted it to be... Read more

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