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sustainability at Salt

At SALT we are passionate about connection, community, and ocean conservation. Since our start in 2016, those things have always been the most important part of our business. Yes, we’re a clothing brand, but we’re also a team of people who want to make the world a better place.  For us, our brand is the bottle that carries our message.

We have to ask - Why not go into everything you do with the best of intentions? Navigating the textile world is tricky. It’s not set up for sustainable supply chains. Environmental consciousness is having to fight it’s way into this industry that cuts corners, greenwashes, and over produces. By being a little guy we have an advantage to work closer, smarter, and more closely with every aspect of our products. In the end, our goal is that every one of our pieces creates meaningful conversation around minimizing our environmental impact and keeping our Oceans cleaner, no matter what.

Our collection is filled with sustainable items for a mindful life; Seasonless staples that live with you through years, not just months of your life. By focusing on slow fashion, we are able to help build simple, classic, and comfortable wardrobes. We design with intention so that our pieces are long lasting and multi-functional.

Inspired by our Pacific Northwest coastlines, our eco-conscious fabrics respect our natural surroundings both in source and in style. Designed in-house, and sewn in Vancouver, we insist on keeping our operations close to home. 


The Salty Supply Chain