CONFIDENCE | The Clothing Connection

Our Founder and Designer Jessica has had fourteen years of highs and lows, of pushing, grinding, and learning what it means to balance one’s life around a goal and a passion. In that time, she has pursued creating several different brands, and watched the fashion industry shift and change. She has found it an empowering industry to be a part of, especially since she has landed with SALT, a company she pours her most personal values into, from the product she creates to the way she manages her staff. She has found, that the shifts she has experienced in her businesses have often mirrored those in her personal life.

A big part of why Jessica does what she does is because she loves watching people lead lives that excite them, and if what she is doing in the world can be helpful to that, she finds that very fulfilling. How does this relate to fashion? She knows just how.

"When we feel good in our bodies, which is tied to how we present ourselves, we have the mental space to focus on the important things at hand. Feeling comfortable in our clothing is part of that. It expends energy to be uncomfortable. If we are spending our day tugging at our outfit, or worrying about how something looks on us, we are going to be distracted. I know that I have identified this feeling within myself, so when I can offer a clothing option that people feel good in, and I can see them light up with confidence, that moment right there is why I do what I do."

You can probably think of a time you showed up for work or to an event and spent the whole time thinking things like "I knew I shouldn't have worn this, it's too tight/baggy/bulky." Or maybe it's pinching you or the strap keeps slipping - something that is pulling your focus. These small thoughts can fan the fires of self-doubt, and before long you are resenting parts of your body, wishing you had smaller hips, or bigger shoulders, or hoping you will miraculously grow 4 inches so the hem of the cardigan you have been fussing with all day would hit you at the right spot. Whatever it is that your mind wanders to, it has shaken your confidence and wasted energy on something that could have been more productive, and now you're not in a good place with yourself.

Going into our day feeling good, feeling confident, makes a big difference. One of the first things you do in the morning is get dressed. Starting off your day in an outfit that boosts your mood is a win right off the bat. Whether that's because you feel stunning in it, or you are just so comfortable you feel grateful you get to wear those super soft, properly fitting clothes all day (or both!), it is a simple way to put yourself in the best mindset possible to take on your day. Why not set yourself up for the best day you can have, every day? Jessica + SALT are here for you!

"When we can free up extra mental space and energy, it gives us more time to think about the things we want to achieve. It gives us a larger opportunity to reach for those goals and believe that we can make them a reality. We are no longer bogged down by a negative reflection of ourselves, instead we have some space to dream!"

Jessica truly loves being in her store, watching people connect with her clothing, and using SALT to create conversation and community. She wants everyone to leave SALT having had an experience that brightens their day. 

"Just being present for what people need when they come in the door I find creates a ton of opportunity. My motto has always been if you show up whole heartedly for the conversation, chance is others will too!"

Self-love, how you feel about yourself, can be at the root of so many blocks to getting to where we really want to be in life. When you feel good, it is easier to do good, by yourself and others. And really, if we're not putting our energy towards positive things, we could probably benefit from a boost in self-reflection that will help us find those parts of ourselves that we love, and the dreams we want to pursue. Having confidence in our abilities and our outwardly presenting selves can really make a difference in those areas. Walking out your front door without a worry for what you're wearing because you already feel great, is a small way we can help ourselves get there.

"People are diverse, and we are all beautiful just as we are. If we all had a little more self love + care, we could all go further in life. And that gets me excited!"

Now you know a little bit more about why Jessica is excited to take on each day. What about you? We always love to hear from you!