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Article: FALL FROLICKS | Staying Outside

FALL FROLICKS | Staying Outside

FALL FROLICKS | Staying Outside

Even though our breaths have turned to fog, and the ground to frost, we can't let that stop us from taking to the outdoors. Bringing a flush to our cheeks from a venture into the brisk may chill our fingertips, but reminds us that despite the early dark dusks, we are not hibernators, we are seekers.

The easiest thing would be to succumb to the comfort of our homes this time of year. We have to continue putting one frigid foot in front of the other and keep our bodies moving. Our technology rich lifestyles encourage us to be sedentary enough as it is. Get out to connect with colour and with cold. Don't let it best you!

When the evening falls and the light fades from the trails, then comes a time to relax and to listen. Pull up a deck chair, a bench, a windowsill. Hear the falling leaves and the quiet calm of crisp air. Wrap your extremities in the comfort of wool socks and a cozy blanket, hands clasped around a steaming cup. Even better if you can kindle a fire to thaw your toes.

The simultaneous pull of a season of shift, and of slowing down. We need no reminder to let ourselves melt into comfort and complacency. We do however, need that wintery wind to wake us up every once in awhile to lean into newness.

Don't just toe the line, walk it, run it, cross it.


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