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Falcon Enamelware

Falcon Enamelware

We are proud to be one of the few Canadian stockists of Falcon Enamelware. Originally manufactured near Birmingham, England over 100 years ago, Falcon Enamelware has stood the test of time.

Enamelware is porcelain fused onto heavy-gauge steel, giving it durability, smoothness and chemical-resistance. It holds long-lasting colour, and cannot burn. If you drop it, it may chip but it won’t break, making it an ideal heirloom dish set that will carry meals and stories for years to come. Read More

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Sold outMug - SALT ShopMug - SALT Shop
Mug Sale price$22.00 CAD
Sold outBake Set - SALT Shop
Bake Set Sale price$165.00 CAD
Sold outPrep Set - SALT ShopPrep Set - SALT Shop
Prep Set Sale price$165.00 CAD
Sold outDeep Plates - SALT ShopDeep Plates - SALT Shop
Deep Plates Sale price$86.00 CAD
12cm Bowl Set - SALT Shop12cm Bowl Set
12cm Bowl Set Sale price$87.00 CAD
Tumbler Sale price$14.00 CAD
Sold out24 cm Plate Set24 cm Plate Set
24 cm Plate Set Sale price$68.00 CAD
Sold outMug - SALT ShopMug - SALT Shop
Mini Mug Sale price$15.00 CAD
Sold outSmall TraySmall Tray
Small Tray Sale price$29.00 CAD
Sold out2 Pint Jug - SALT Shop2 Pint Jug - SALT Shop
2 Pint Jug Sale price$62.00 CAD
Mini Tumbler - SALT ShopMini Tumbler - SALT Shop
Mini Tumbler Sale price$12.00 CAD
Pinch Pot - SALT ShopPinch Pot - SALT Shop
Pinch Pot Sale price$10.00 CAD
Sold outServing Tray - SALT ShopServing Tray - SALT Shop
Serving Tray Sale price$40.00 CAD
3 Pint Jug - SALT Shop3 Pint Jug - SALT Shop
3 Pint Jug Sale price$68.00 CAD
Utensil Pot - SALT ShopUtensil Pot - SALT Shop
Utensil Pot Sale price$48.00 CAD
Sold outLoaf TinLoaf Tin
Loaf Tin Sale price$62.00 CAD
1 Pint Jug1 Pint Jug
1 Pint Jug Sale price$46.00 CAD