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Article: Five Brave Female Adventurers You Should Follow Today

Five Brave Female Adventurers You Should Follow Today

Five Brave Female Adventurers You Should Follow Today

Five Brave Female Adventurers You Should Follow Today 

The older we get, the more we’ve come to admire the women in our lives who have taught us to be brave. Bravery can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It can mean quitting a stable job to pursue a not-so-stable passion. It can mean crossing oceans on a tiny boat. It can mean standing up for unpopular beliefs and opinions. It can mean charting unconventional paths in unusual places. There are a lot of brave women out there and they inspire us on a regular basis. 

Here are some of our favourite female adventurers (dare we say, influencers) on the internet. From bloggers to chefs, artists to travel journalists, these women inspire us to go outside, get out of our comfort zones and embark on the wild and beautiful adventure we call life. 

“The world belongs to the brave.” - Eva zu Beck 

Sarah Glover 

IG @misssarahglover

Chef, Author and Outdoor Enthusiast Sarah Glover has been our outdoor cooking inspiration for years, teaching us that the best culinary experiences are enjoyed under open skies. She combines our two favorite things in the world - adventure and cuisine - by opening our eyes to the myriad of delectable recipes that can be enjoyed in the wild. Through Sarah, we’ve learned how to roast meat over open fires, bake cakes outdoors, make pizza dough on stone and to do so in style. An experienced hunter and forager, Sarah proves that self-reliance and femininity are not mutually exclusive. Because who said women were meant to stay at home? Who said chefs were meant to be in the kitchen? Who said glamour was confined to the indoors? Not us and definitely not Sarah. “Everything is for everyone,” Sarah says. We fervently agree. 


Eva zu Beck 

IG @evazubeck

Polish storyteller Eva zu Beck is the creme de la creme of travel bloggers. Three years ago, she abandoned her cushy London life with its plush corporate job and postcard-worthy marriage to chase her dreams across the globe. Her trademark expression “the world belongs to the brave” is a testament to the importance of pushing past your comfort zone in the pursuit of discovering your true self. Through her immensely popular Youtube Channel, Eva provides an alternative perspective to mainstream media narratives. She features destinations across the globe that are underrepresented and often misinterpreted. Eva has traveled across Mongolia on horseback, hiked the tallest peak in Antarctica and explored the countryside of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, to name a few. We could go on and on about this lady, but we’ll stop there and let you discover her stories for yourself. If there’s one woman (or human for that matter) to inspire you to conquer your fears, Eva’s the one. 

Elayna Carausu 

IG @elayna.carausu

We first learned about this bold adventurer when she and her partner, Riley Whitelum, famously helped transport activist Greta Thunberg (almost entirely) carbon-free across the stormy Atlantic seas. Since then, we’ve followed their weekly video updates religiously. Elayna and Riley are vagabonds in the truest sense of the word. They’ve been circumnavigating the globe aboard their sailboat, La Vagabonde, for more than seven years now. Along the way, they acquired a couple of very important stowaways - their two children, Lenny and Darwin. They document their experiences with refreshing honesty as they navigate the heroic task of raising a family at sea. Their channel is a compilation of jaw-dropping sceneries, nautical tips and crazy adventures. If you’ve been led to believe that adventure and family life are incompatible states of being, Elayna is proof that settling down is not a requirement, nor a recommendation. 

Rachel Pohl Art 


Rachel Pohl is a rural artist who produces art and apparel from her beautiful mountain home in Montana. She spends her free time exploring the backcountry on her skis and comes home to paint about the world she experiences. Her idyllic visuals are always accompanied by an earnest expression of self that remind us to embrace the simple things in life. If you’re a fan of art, ethical apparel and mountain life, let her whimsical designs transport you to a winter wonderland far far away. 

Jessica from The Bucket list Family 

IG @thebucketlistfamily 


It’s impossible to compile a list of female adventurers on the internet without including Jessica from The Bucket List Family. Moms are brave enough on their own, without deciding to travel with their three children across the globe on a permanent basis. Jessica and Garrett take their adventuring to a whole new level. They’ve journeyed across the world with their entire family in tow, hoping to break barriers and boundaries along the way. Beyond their idyllic imagery, there’s something refreshing about seeing the world through a child’s eyes and watching young adventurers come to be. 

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