HIMMELI HEAVEN | A Holiday Tradition

With the holiday season nearing many of us are thinking about decking the halls at home. It is during this season that numerous families honour age old traditions in search a nostalgic memory from holidays passed. Traditions as unique as a family recipe or as broad as decorating the home with ornaments and twinkling lights.



Having a home for the first time this year, I am excited to take some of my family traditions and combine them with ideas I would like to make a part of my heritage some day! One being my love for a Finnish tradition, the Himmeli. Now, I am not sure if I have any roots that link to Scandinavia, but I feel it in my heart, so I must have some.... RIGHT?

A few years ago I met Johnna from Lumota Designs, I was captivated by her handcrafted Himmeli's I started to collect them at home and share them with local customers. I find them almost meditative! 

With this growing appreciation I started to look into the heritage of these geometric ornaments. With roots all over Europe and a different name depending on the country. The name Himmeli means heaven or sky, in honour of winter harvest. Originally created using straw they were hung over the table during harvest festival to ensure a good crop the following year – the more elaborate the himmeli, the more abundant the following year’s crop. The most beautiful himmeli's were stored hanging from the rafters of attics from one Christmas to the next. If treated with care these unique shapes can last for over 100 years. 



Today, the modern Himmeli is often made from brass. Built to last from year to year with ease. I hang mine year round, but adapt them to the season, holing air plants in the spring and foraged foliage in the fall and winter. These himmeli's have become a part of my home and I love to highlight there existence around the holidays! 

See our collection of Himmeli's available from local maker, Johnna from Lumota Designs in Shawinigan Lake, B.C.