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Article: SMALLER SPACES | Tiny Cabin Life

SMALLER SPACES | Tiny Cabin Life

SMALLER SPACES | Tiny Cabin Life

You wake up like any day. Climb down the ladder from your loft bed. Grab clothes out of drawers built into your custom bench seat/couch. Breakfast comes out of a second-hand mini-fridge and is cooked on a single burner stove. You prepare fresh coffee with a ceramic pour over. You might even enjoy it watching the morning news, the same way you would if you weren't living in just 125 Sq ft.

Living in smaller spaces has become not only trendy, but desirable. There are the obvious benefits like using less power, having less space to clean, being permanently limited to how much clutter you can have, and maybe even having your whole home on wheels. It's the hidden benefits that are the real sellers though. Peace of mind achieved by being able to have everything coordinated and clean without much effort gives you more mental power that you can put towards more self-actualizing activities. Feeling good about making conscious purchases of long-lasting, economical items. The pride you can take in being able to effectively use a small space to fulfill your every need and knowing that means your footprint on the Earth is smaller.

It's a lifestyle. You are consciously choosing to have less space, and therefore consume less. With limited space, you have to be intentional about everything you purchase. "Just because" purchases are obsolete. Anything that isn't going to be an effective use of space isn't an option. Only the necessities are allowed. If you have spent a long time living in traditional homes, you will surprise yourself when you realize how very little we really need to function day to day. 


About 9 months ago, our Owner Jessica transitioned from the beautiful 1350 Sq ft home she designed and built, into 115 Sq ft of livable space plus an outdoor shower as she embarked on a new life chapter. Talk about an adventure in downsizing!

A big proponent of conscious living, Jessica loves that her tiny cabin makes it mandatory to be intentional with what she brings into her home, and was excited to take on the challenge. Less space means less room for unnecessary items. Building tiny homes also gives you a great opportunity to look for re-useable materials, especially since you won't need much. Wood for siding, shelving, and furniture, used appliances and fixtures. You could even re-purpose an entire space, like an unused shed (if you have family as nice as Jessica).

As a designer, Jessica benefits from her years of experience in setting up all kinds of interiors. She has an eye for how space can be used economically and can create multi-use spaces and furniture that fit her decor style. Her biggest advice to anyone looking into living in a small space is to "PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Think about what makes you happy, and make sure that fits into your home." She still manages to make one room serve as an office, a kitchen, a yoga and workout space, and somewhere she can entertain and relax. With a few creative adaptations, she can host a dinner for four! "It's fun to share with others - everyone loves a tiny cabin dinner, it's unique!" She misses having long, hot baths, but knows that they will be in her future!

Living small has allowed Jessica to put the energy she saves from easy cleaning and the money she saves into expanding her business. She also finds herself spending more time outside + travelling, getting her fix of large open spaces from the magnificent outdoors. 

"Existing in a compact space helps you recognize the difference between what you have because you want it, and what you really need." It helps you create lasting habits that you can take with you into your next living situation, no matter what the size.

Although she doesn't plan on it being a long-term situation for herself, Jessica encourages everyone to try tiny living at least once. "It's amazing how one adapts! I love it. I'm sure once I'm back in a house, I will miss things about my tiny cabin!"

Anything that keeps us mindful about our environmental impact and what is truly important in life seems worth trying to us!

Jessica plans on residing in this tiny cabin until the spring of 2019. During this two year adventure of tiny living she will be working on expanding the SALT brand, traveling and experiencing what matters most in life; people + the stories you share with them. 

Enjoy these fun facts + Images to follow!

  • Size: 125 sqft
  • Sleeps : 2 happily, 3 in a squish. 
  • Location : Located on a 10 acre Salt Spring Homestead + Animal Sanctuary. 
"Room by Room"
  • Kitchen : Mini Fridge, Toaster Oven, Hot Plate 
  • Bathroom: Outdoor Shower, Composting Toilet
  • Loft Bedroom : Fits a custom foam mattress for one, or a cozy two. 
  • Living Room: Custom Built couch with clothing storage drawers below. 
  • Entry: Hooks for outer layers and bags, Plus a bench for shoe storage and laundry basket. 
  • Deck : Complete with a small deck space to bask in the summer sun!
Projects to Come
  • Outdoor Fire Pit + Lighting
  • Skylight in the Loft Bedroom for star gazing!


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