That's right, our second permanent location is officially happening. (Cue wild excitement!)


During our holiday pop-up, I had the opportunity to explore Victoria and get to know some of the awesome business owners in town. There are so many different neighbourhoods, even within the downtown core. I really got to find out where I felt connected.

As an entrepreneur, expanding to a second location has been a milestone of mine for a long time. I really took a chance on myself to create my own business. If you had met me years ago, I might be the last person who you would expect to own a fashion brand, but I chose to do it because I wanted to find a way to facilitate lasting, authentic change in the world. Now I am supporting a lifestyle I love by creating every day. And I want to do more! Pushing beyond the watery borders of Salt Spring Island will allow SALT to interact with another community and educate a wider audience on the things I am passionate about. 

Design is a huge passion for me, and having the opportunity to create a new space has me buzzing! I can't wait to have a bigger space where I can host community events like yoga classes, documentary screenings, and meet ups that connect like-minded members of the community. I look forward to having and creating new experiences, meeting new people, and getting to know those who will become regular visitors to SALT.

I really lucked out meeting the owners of Fort Prop, the family-run company who will be my new landlords. I am super grateful that I will be jumping into the city with these strong, entrepreneurial women in my community. I already feel supported by their enthusiasm!

I have been a resident of Victoria before and I am so excited to make it SALT's second home. I already have a fantastic team who will help me run the store, and I look forward to connecting with more locals who want to be a part of what we're up to. 

We plan to open July 1st, with renovations starting this coming May. I have so many exciting plans for the space! I can't wait. See you soon Victoria!