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Article: MENSWEAR | What You Want It To Be

MENSWEAR | What You Want It To Be

MENSWEAR | What You Want It To Be

We know that we have a few more styles for our ladies than we do for our gentlemen. Well guys, this one is for you. We want to highlight what we bring to the table for you, and say a big thank you to the guys out there rocking our gear and representing what we stand for.

We want everyone walking out our doors to feel good in the clothing they are wearing. To feel comfortable, confident, and good about where they are spending their dollars. We have found that if you ask most men what their top priority in clothing is, they might say comfort. Dig a little deeper and you get them to see that style matters just as much. If you are browsing the racks, the first thing that will attract you to an item is the look. If it's a colour you don't like, or a cut you wouldn't consider, you'll probably pass it by. Once that grabs you, the tactile inspection begins.

You'll rub a sleeve between two fingers, or shake out a pair of pants and test the waist band. Clothing gets tugged and stretched and tested all day long. We get that you want to make sure that no matter what you put it through, it feels good, looks good, and stands the test of time. This should be true of everything you choose to put in your closet. If it feels and looks good, you'll be more inclined to wear it more often, instead of letting it sit in your closet unused. And if it stands the test of time, it will hold up long enough for you to enjoy for years to come. 

The fabrics we use are chosen for much the same characteristics, in a similar way. We have our samples to inspect, and we examine them from the standpoint of style. Does this colour fit with our palette? Does this weave look the way we want it to? Next we move on to the feel. Is it going to be smooth and soft against our skin? Will it fall correctly based on what we want the fit to be? 

There is another step, one that usually comes first, and that is content and sustainability. We want a long lasting material, that was sustainably produced. For the average shopper, that might not be something on their mind when they are choosing a garment - but it should be. You get much more value out of something that is made to last. And guys, don't we all know that you can be pretty hard on stuff.

We source our fabrics from a couple of North American based companies who each offer a line of sustainable fabrics. The fabrics themselves are produced overseas, and each one we choose has a benefit to the way it comes together. Some we choose for the fibre - organic cotton, bamboo, or tencel, all of which are strong, long lasting, and more sustainably produced. Or we will perhaps choose a fabric that is made from recycled material. We don't think that sustainability has to be compromised completely for style, and for most of our fabrics, we integrate this belief into our production. 

We also believe in style that is timeless - that is a part of the sustainability of an item as well. If you have a closet of elevated basics, in neutral colours like black, white, grey, blue, you will be able to wear them over and over. And you will have a closet to choose from to form a base under any statement piece you choose to own. Train yourself out of thinking you need new clothes every season, and build a wardrobe that you can wear again and again, without getting bored or overwhelmed with choice.

What top rules most men's closets? The T-shirt. We find that the search for the perfect tee is a quest that many men have participated in. Our Treva Shirt is our contribution to the arena, and we have to say we think it contends. The cut is clean and simple. The bamboo and cotton blend has a nice weight, is soft to the touch, and a small percentage of spandex gives the fabric movement and helps it keep it's shape. We have had great feedback from our male (and female) customers about this tee. Safe to say it's going to stick around.

A tee is great all year round. For seasonal weather, you need a few other sleeve lengths. 

Our Beck Long Sleeve is made without cuffs or a hem band, so it wears like your favourite t-shirt, but with long sleeves for extra coziness. In Merino Wool, you'll keep warm no matter what the weather is doing. 

For Fall or Spring when the weather can't make up it's mind, the Rio Button Up is a no brainer. Buttoned up for a more formal finish, or worn loose over a base layer, it is as versatile as it is comfortable. The cotton and tencel fabrics are next level soft - so soft you will want to sleep in a bed swathed in the stuff. Caution: if your partner fits into the same clothes as you, be on the look out for this one to be stolen first. 

The Coastal Tank is a great summer option, or to use as a first layer under a button up. It's unisex style features a straight body, rounded neckline, and wide straps.

The above items might be designed with a male build in mind, but one thing we love about fashion is that it blurs the lines of gender. Colours, details, accessories - they are becoming more and more unisex. The most important factor of putting an outfit together now is confidence. Yes, there is no arguing that on average, men tend to have bigger shoulders and women more accented curves, so when it comes to sizing, it is good to take that into account. But the beauty is that anyone can wear anything, if they really want to. If you own it, you'll rock it.

For example, one of our own SALT ladies likes to wear our Treva Shirts, which we design primarily for men. Being petite herself, she wears it oversized, tucked into a pair of high waisted jeans, or knotted at the hem, with the sleeves rolled up and cuffed. She also loves the idea of dressing up a simple tee like the Treva with a statement necklace, or elevating the outfit with printed jeans instead of solid.

Our Kai Long Sleeve is cut for women with tighter fitting sleeves. But if you are a guy who prefers a tight long sleeve, all the power to you to pop it on and let it show off your frame. Even though women certainly have their share of challenges when it comes to the conversation of clothing, body image, and expression, sometimes men get a little left out. Men should feel empowered to wear what they want too, not feel like they have to stay in the box of what is "traditionally masculine." Individuality is expressed in how we present ourselves, and we should be able to connect to whatever parts of ourselves we feel true to - male, female, or otherwise. That can change day to day as well. Style can be fluid, and there are no rules that say we have to stick to one.

Many of our SALT styles are actually shot on both male and female models, to show that they can be worn by different body types. We also try to scale our sizing to accommodate different shoulder widths and arm lengths, as well as body shapes, as best we can. Our Pacific Sweater is our most popular long sleeve, for everyone. Our Tidal Pant could easily be a tapered, tighter leg sweat pant for men. Really, any style that fits, you could don if you want.

So men (women, everyone), don't let the sections of a store limit you - own your personal style, and wear what you want. Cross those borders and push those boundaries. If you find yourself questioning something, the best thing is to have confidence in it. Have confidence in yourself, and the questions will fall away.

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