READY TO GO | Living Your Full Life

We know, we're not sure how the last few months slipped away so quickly either. But here we are, on the cusp of Fall, with another summer fading behind us. Looking back, hopefully we're left with memories of time well-spent connecting with friends, family, and the great outdoors.

And if not? Dig into that a little. Why didn't you get the most out of our sunniest season? Usually, the two biggest factors blocking us from getting out there are time and money. Now, it's not easy to find stockpiles of either of those commodities, but we can change our perspective around how we can make the most of them.

If you slip into a routine like get up, exercise, go to work, come home, eat dinner, relax, got to sleep, it's easy to feel like you don't have any time to spare. Yes, the dishes need to get done and the lawn needs to be cut. Shifting when those things happen by a day isn't going to cause mad chaos. Picking one day in a week that you put a little more attention to chores could be a strategy that works for you, or spreading them out so you put 15-30 minutes a day towards that weekly To Do list might be more conducive to your schedule. Whichever it is, the point is that these things should fit around the fun, not overtake it. 

Also, what counts as a fun activity varies for all of us. Not everyone likes to be in a big group, and some people need that social interaction to recharge themselves.  Be honest about what you need and what is realistic for your lifestyle. And then push yourself a little!

Having a good time can actually be hard work. It's easier to just stay home, to say no, to focus on your chores that have to get done instead. Do your future self a favour and spend a little time prepping for the kinds of adventure you like to have to make it easier to make them happen. 

Have all your gear ready to go! Like an emergency preparedness kit but for your enjoyment of life. That is going to look different for everyone. It might be a backpack that always has swimsuits, towels, sunblock, and a change of clothes readily packed. It might be a really well organized collection of your favourite games. Or a well stocked supply of things like spreads, crackers, and platters that you can just add some fresh ingredients to if you want to host a group on a few moments' notice.

You have to manage your expectations too. The word "adventure" can hold the connotation that every time you set out to have one it has to be epic. Not true! Make it more about just getting the most out of life. That's really what it's all about. Shaking things up and being able to look back on a few more memories that brought you joy. And while yes, everyone experiences joy differently, we still think getting out once in awhile is good for everyone. You can’t really say you live a life of adventure if you never leave the house. It doesn’t have to be far. Take your dinner or your games to the park. Grab your back pack and head to the boat to watch the sunset from out on the water. 

It's no secret that our owner Jessica loves the ocean. She takes every chance she can get to be near it, out on it, enjoying it. Splitting her time between Salt Spring and Victoria, she makes an effort to visit the shorelines in and around the islands she inhabits. Taking trips to places like Darcy Island or Sidney Spit don't cost her a lot of coordination if the boat is ready to go. Even with her jam-packed schedule, she makes it a priority to get out and connect with the people and the environment that she loves. 

As the weather cools, carry this mentality into the Fall and Winter. Instead of sitting together on the couch and losing yourself to a mindless TV show every night, break out those games, or make hot chocolate and cozy up together to talk about your day and your dreams. You can still do things like get out on a boat or go for a hike if you bundle up a little!

What we're really saying, is don't miss out on living a FULL life! We promise the effort is worth it.