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Article: SIPPING SEASIDE | Beach Day Mojito

SIPPING SEASIDE  |  Beach Day Mojito

SIPPING SEASIDE | Beach Day Mojito

The sun is shining, the sand is hot, and the sound of the waves is lulling you into a peaceful calm. Relaxing days on the beach is what us West Coast mariners live for in the summer.  Our wicker bags, flip flops, and life jackets are always by the door ready to go. We become expert picnic packers. Just add saltwater and sunshine!

What better way to kick back against a driftwood log than with a mojito! With very few ingredients and little prep, you will be on your way to a perfect beach day in no time. Follow along for our go-to (read: made up) recipe that we whipped up on a recent Staff adventure day.


White rum



Coconut Sugar

Club Soda


Tip: Ice might not make it in the cooler on a hot day. Dig a little hole in the sand when you get to the beach + chill your rum + soda in the cool Pacific waters.

We could give you measurements, but who is measuring things on the beach? We're not. Pack whatever pitcher you have in the cupboard, it will probably be close to 2L. Depending on how many people you have with you and how long your afternoon will be, you'll want to pack enough supplies to fill it a time or two.

To start, squeeze a few limes into the bottom of the pitcher. Add in a handful of mint (preferably from someone's backyard), and a few cautious spoonfuls of sugar. You can always add more sweetness later if you like, but you want the drink to keep its fresh zing. Muddle the lime, mint, and sugar together. We used coconut sugar to keep it natural. If you're prepared, you'll have a wooden spoon, or you can source a piece of appropriately sized driftwood! Don't over muddle, or the mint will become mush; just enough to get those flavours mixing.

Pour in about 8-12 oz of rum, and top with soda. If you have ice that hasn't melted yet, throw some in there, and a few rounds of lime. Garnish with fresh fruit like raspberries or pineapple for a fun twist.

Pour into reuseable glasses or jars, and cheers to a great day! We used our re-useable glasses from our SALT candles. You can burn them down to the bottom, clean them out, and use them again and again for all kinds of bevies. Ahhhh, refreshing + sustainable!

Be sure that the last step of any of your beach adventures is packing out what you pack in. Even the biodegradable items like lime rinds need to be tossed into an appropriate spot to keep the beach clean for everyone, including marine life. Responsible beaching means more beaching for everyone!

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