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Article: STYLE FEATURE | Fjord Top



You've got your fav basic tees for summer. You know the ones that you always end up wearing anyways after you have already tried on several other items. For us, that's our Ula and Nerio tees. As much as we love layering, there comes a time (or a temperature) when we really crave a chill-countering long sleeve fit. 

Our Fjord Box Top is just the ticket. Drop shoulder sleeves give you room to flap your wings and toss your hair up into a messy bun. The straight cut paired with a rounded hem and sneaky side slits lends itself to most body types, and allows you to combine with any bottoms, even skirts. A higher neckline offers versatile styling options so you can transition from work to evening without worrying about a wardrobe change.

We first patterned this top in our bamboo/cotton blend (seen here) for a comforting weight, with a little spandex added in for movement. Our newest addition is in a tencel/cotton blend, a more sustainably produced fabric that is just as soft. This light and airy option makes a great transition piece between seasons. The dusty purple of Flint reminds us of deep, Winter sunsets and Spring violets, making it a multi-season wardrobe piece. Both fabrics are breathable and move with you, making the Fjord top easy to layer and to wear outdoors.

With multiple neutrals, cozy fabrics, and the winds breathing goose bumps across our skin, we're feeling good about having this cozy covering in our closets!

Find all three colours in-store, or online!

Fjord Box Top | Flint

Fjord Box Top | Black

Fjord Box Top | Grey Microstripe

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