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Article: SUNDAYS | Slowing Down

SUNDAYS  | Slowing Down

SUNDAYS | Slowing Down

Sundays are the week’s way of telling you to be free. To some of us, that means packing up the car and heading to places unknown. For others, it means more time spent in warm sheets, maybe an extra cuddle or two.

Sundays are for comfort and skin, soft lighting and doing whatever your heart wants. They are for no schedules and no responsibilities. They are for getting lost in a good book, carried away by another world. They are for savouring good coffee. Cozying up in your favourite cottony attire. Or no attire! #NoPantsSundays #NoPantsNoProblems 

Sundays are for nourishment. Give yourself permission to fill your brain with nourishing words, from a book, from a song, from your own internal monologue, whatever grabs you. Nourish your body, whether that is by staying in to recharge or getting active, listen to your energy levels. Fill a jar with water and get hydrated. Feed yourself with whole, colourful food. 

Ever heard of a Kitchen Party? It’s basically the term for when you have people over, and big inviting living room or not, everyone always ends up in the kitchen together. Sitting on the counters, the stools, the floors. Just talking, eating, cooking, bonding. You don’t need a crew to have a Kitchen Party though, you just need the kitchen. You are party enough all on your own! Get cooking, get creative.

Break out that Vegan Buddha Bowl recipe that you have been saving on Pinterest for weeks and get creative. If you’re in the mood for comfort, go off recipe a little, add in some baked yams and switch up the dressing for some miso gravy. #SoloKitchenParty #NoPantsParty

In this go-fast, right-now, immediate gratification world of smart phones and drones and e-mail instead of letters, make the time to take real notice of your surroundings. In mindfulness, there is meaning. Don’t just stop to smell the roses, stop to plant some. Interact with your environment, finding a new level of connection with nature, with your home, and with yourself. Go on, we know you want to. 



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