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Article: THRIFT STORE EDIT | Second Hand Shopping Guide

THRIFT STORE EDIT  |  Second Hand Shopping Guide

THRIFT STORE EDIT | Second Hand Shopping Guide


Ok so it's safe to say that I am obsessed with Thrift Store shopping.  I love it.  The hunt, the treasures, the scores.  I often have an idea of what I am looking for before I head out to the shops but sometimes I am just looking for a little piece of inspiration.

If you are just getting into Thrifting I highly recommend having an idea of what you are looking for, as being surrounded by people's cast aways can be quite overwhelming to the untrained eye.

There are a few items I always keep an eye out for when thrifting:

Leather Shoes ~ Most of my shoes are actually from second hand shops.  You can often find lightly used perfectly broken in leather shoes that will last for years to come.  If I really love them but they need a little love it is often worth it to get them resoled by your local cobbler especially if they're vintage!

Pottery ~ Look for items with no chips & a signature, they might be worth something!  I have found beautiful vases, mugs, serving dishes, and planters that all fit with my aesthetic.  Currently searching for a butter crock and honey pot......

Dishes ~ If you are ok to wait and build up a set slowly this is a fun way to do it or if you are down for a little mix and match this can be a creative way to put together your own set.  I love mix matched smaller plates but have been slowly collecting my matching set for the last couple years and when I find a piece that is part of the set it's like winning the lottery.  I also really appreciate vintage glassware, nothing beats the colours and quality!


Wood Bowls ~ I love these!  I use them for everything from serving snacks + salads to keeping miscellaneous bathroom items organized depending on the size & shape.

Wool Blankets ~ Great for our boat, the beach or camping these blankets are warm, well made and make for great camp vibes!

Of course there is much more that can be acquired second hand and I've been able to curate my home with may found  pieces over the years such as wall hangings, rugs + furniture.

Happy Thrifting!  





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