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Article: Top 10 gifts for the Outdoorsy Dad

Top 10 gifts for the Outdoorsy Dad

Top 10 gifts for the Outdoorsy Dad

Different Dads bring different adventures to the table. Whether it's teaching us to sail in the Pacific or showing us how to bike in the neighbourhood. Whether it's traveling the world together or discovering the universe in our backyard. Whether it's building our first treehouse or supporting our first business. 

Dads gift us with our first adventures. We'd like to give them something back. 

These are gifts for the person who understands that the best moments in life are the ones that have been earned - reaching the top of that mountain, embracing the wide expanse of sea, crossing the finish line.

TOP TEN UNIQUE GIFTS FOR OUTDOORSY DADS (and all the adventurous souls in our lives)

barebones lantern
1. Barebones Lantern
  • This vintage-inspired Forest Lantern is a rechargeable micro USB light source that's perfect for the boat, the camper or even the backyard. With it's adjustable dimmer, they can create the ambience they want, anywhere they want. (One full charge can last for over 80 hours!)
barebones fire gloves
2. Barebones Open Fire Gloves 
  • Say farewell to sore hands and charred knuckles, these are the open fire gloves they always knew they needed.
hunting cookbook
3. Hunter Chef Cookbook
camping mug
4. Camp Mugs
  • Enamelware is the quintessential outdoor cookware. Durable and classic, this gift is for the coffee loving camper who needs a mug that will last. 
oyster knife
5. Opinel Knives
  • Functionality never goes out of fashion. Opinels knives have been around since 1890. Known for their sturdy reliability and classic design, Opinel knives now offer an array of different options. Did Dad say oysters for dinner? Get him the oyster knife to go along with it 
6. Treva Tee
  • This tee won't feel out of place in the environment he's going to wear it in. The Treva Tee is made from a blend of 100% sustainable fabrics, sewn in Canada, and worn sustainably by Dad. Did we mention how comfortable it is? 
7. Saltwater Bar Soap
  • Not all soap lathers in saltwater, but this saltwater bar does. Saltwater soap is for all the boat dads and the ocean lovers in our lives.
victoria hiking trails
8. Subscription to Alltrails
  • This app is the ultimate guide to hiking and biking trails. Sometimes Dads choose the "free" option so that they can splurge on us instead. Maybe it's time we gave them that all inclusive. They'll be able to download trails offline all across Canada, the US and beyond. We don't want them getting lost, do we?

9. Inflatable Paddle Board

10. Fishing License 
  • It's that time of year again. If he hasn't gotten it yet, get it for him!

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