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Article: Travel Guide: A Weekend on Salt Spring Island

Travel Guide: A Weekend on Salt Spring Island

Travel Guide: A Weekend on Salt Spring Island

Made by Salty Locals for our Salty Friends

If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ve come to the right place. Salt Spring Island is the largest of the southern gulf islands and a veritable eden. It is also where SALT Shop started. The Island’s magical mountains, bountiful farms, quirky galleries, incredible coastline and delectable cuisine have inspired migrants for generations. A weekend on Salt Spring is just enough to give you a tantalising taste of life on the Salish Sea. 

For those of you who have yet to experience the beauty of the island, we’ve created this jam-packed weekend guide for your benefit! And for those of you who simply want a repeat experience (don’t we all?), this is for you, too! This is part one of our two-part summer guide to Salt Spring because - let’s face it -  we just couldn’t fit everything in one go.

There’s a little bit of magic here. Come find it.

First Things First: How to Get There

By Ferry

BC Ferries operates three separate ferry routes to the island. Drive your car or walk right on from Victoria (Swartz Bay to Fulford Harbour), Vancouver (Tsawassen to Long Harbour) or Duncan (Crofton to Vesuvius). For more information on BC Ferry Schedules, visit


By Seaplane

Harbour Air offers regular flights to Salt Spring Island. If you’re willing to ditch your car and travel light, this is a much faster way to go.


By Your Own Boat

I think we can all agree that there is nothing quite like sailing the gulf islands. There are several public docks and marinas for you to enjoy if this is how you choose to travel. If you want to be in the center of town, make your way towards Ganges Harbour. We recommend making a reservation in advance at Salt Spring Marina or Ganges Marina  



beachside cafe

image via: Beachside Cafe

  • Discover local art, delicacies and more at the Saturday Market where you’ll feel the pulse of the community. While you’re at it, don’t forget to visit us at SALT Shop. We can’t wait to meet you!
  • After all that excitement, you deserve a drink! Spend your evening at the Salt Spring Wild Cidery. It’s not just about the cider. They’re stocked with a fabulous fusion menu featuring some of the island's finest produce. 

image via: Wild Cider


  • When we think of Salt Spring Island, we’re filled with a sense of peace. Drive by one of Salt Spring’s idyllic Farm Stands to pick up some delectable delights. Take them with you for a wander and a picnic at Ruckle Park or Menhinick Drive Trail

salt spring cheeseimage via: Salt Spring Island Cheese

  • Have you fallen in love with the island yet? Drive up to Mt. Maxwell (only for vehicles with good ground clearance) or hike up Reginald Hill to truly seal the deal. 
  • End the afternoon with your beverage of choice. Salt Spring Brewing, Garry Oaks Winery or Salt Spring Vineyards all offer beautiful scenery and bountiful beverages to boot! (Don’t forget to check their closing times. You may have to get there before 5pm to ensure you get a drink!) 

Did you enjoy your weekend? Let us know what you think! We’ve got a few extra tips for your travels below. 

Other Tips:
  • We suggest bringing your car or renting one whilst on Salt Spring Island. It’s a lot bigger and a lot hillier than most people realize. 
  • Bringing an electric vehicle? There are fast-chargers available at Country Grocer and Moby’s Pub.
  • We only recommend cycling the islands if you’re looking to get a very very good workout in. E-bikes are definitely a plus. 
  • Public transit: BC Transit runs a bus route to a handful of stops around the island 
  • If you don’t want to drink and drive, there are several on-call taxi companies that can take you anywhere on the island!

Salt Spring Island is home to a plethora of flora and fauna, and remains an unceded territory of the Coast Salish Peoples of Salt Spring. Please enjoy this space with care and respect. 

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