WESTERLY | Rain, Rain Here to Stay

One thing you can count on if you spend time on the Pacific West Coast, is at some point you are bound to end up outside, soaking wet. It's inevitable. Considering we live in a rain forest beside the ocean, this shouldn't come as a surprise - water is built right in. We have rain falling from the skies, waves rolling in from the seas, and streams trickling down from our mountain tops. We are lucky to so often have an abundance of this life giving liquid. In our neck of the woods, it grows us some of the tallest trees in the world, and provides a home to some of the most diverse cold water marine life. What a gift it is.

Rivers from the sky may fuel our forests, but their humid gifts are not always beloved by everyone. Those who hide their curls from the mist or squish their toes in soggy socks. We can sympathize, but we are lovers of water, worshippers even. It gives us life, it gives us the oceans, where would be be without it? We can handle a few drips in our eyelashes. There are those times though, that call for a little shelter from the storm. 

Westerly befriended down pours long ago. They didn't want to beat the rain, just live alongside it. Creating functional umbrellas that don't compromise on style is one way they encourage us to still interact with our rainy surroundings. They design with adventure in mind; with the convenience needed to stick to your path no matter the weather. They have petite travel designs that fit easily into a shoulder bag, or the larger cane styles with more coverage and a reinforced frame. An option for every adventure, from city to sea.

"At Westerly we celebrate the rain - we don’t hide from it." 


Most of us can relate to the feeling of frustration that comes from dealing with an unreliable umbrella. A halted opening mechanism, a broken spindle, or the worst - having it turn inside out in the wind. 

We love that Westerly approaches their umbrellas with longevity in mind. They choose quality materials for the frame, the handle, and the panels, so that their products aren't contributing to the piles of discarded umbrellas that only last a few months. They want you to have their umbrellas for a long, long time. In the information about their Commander style, they describe it as "...the umbrella your grand-kids will appreciate inheriting one day." That is a pretty great statement to make, that holds so much more weight to it than it may seem. It evokes thoughts about the generations to come, and taking care of our planet so that they may enjoy it also. And it reminds us that owning something of quality that is passed down is something to be celebrated. We find it inspiring that they have turned an everyday object of convenience into a statement about connecting with your natural landscapes, and respecting them during, and beyond your own lifespan.

 "The rain won’t let up, why should you?"

Westerly is made for rain, and the rain ain't staying away. With their simple purpose, and creative execution, they are advocates for embracing whatever weather comes your way. Our forests and oceans are beautiful every day of the year, in some capacity. They always offer something new to discover and appreciate; something to fight to conserve. 

If getting a little wet (or a lot wet) is the cost of experiencing our surroundings, we say bring on the ocean sprays, the drenching rains, and the muggy mists. Water will dry - memories become stories you can pass on, just like a quality umbrella.

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