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About Jess, Founder of SALT

The salty sea has always been my favourite place. I still make it a priority to spend time exploring it’s depths, coastlines, and creatures every day, almost never going a day without interacting with it. My desire to live like a mermaid and make the most of my Island life is what inspires me to build SALT everyday.

My approach to business is pretty simple - put your people first and do good for the planet. If you’re not making the world a better place, what is the point?

I founded SALT in April of 2016 with a mission to make people feel good in their clothes. I now have 18 years of business experience behind me, and it’s so fun to see people connect to the pieces we create and SALT as a brand, whether it’s because it makes them feel comfortable and confident, or because they are excited to support a company who is trying to do right by the world (or both!).