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Our sewing facilities are located in Vancouver, B.C. We love having them so close to home. Producing locally means we stay connected to the lifecycle of our garments, and the people who make them. We can visit the facilities any time we need to and cultivate closer relationships with the people responsible for making our clothes. We are a people-first brand and we feel good knowing that our products are produced ethically in facilities that value their employees. We value them too! Plus, it’s fun being able to see where our clothes are made!


    SALT’s clothing line is best described as elevated basics for a mindful life. Every clothing item is designed locally by our Founder and Designer Jessica. She truly loves creating pieces that people can feel confident and comfortable in. She loves watching people try on her clothes and finding something that lights them up. She designs with intention so that our pieces are long-lasting and multi-functional, and also inspire conversation. Her way of spreading her passion for the Ocean, and for connecting people in her community, is through her clothing.

    We genuinely stand for slow fashion, which means we don’t release new styles often, but we are confident that the ones we have are styles that will last you a long time. That translates to the palette of colours we choose too. A simple palette means making outfits is easy, and you are less likely to get tired of the pieces you have invested in, meaning they will last longer. We want you to have that feeling of satisfaction when you look in your closet and you know that every piece works together, and was produced consciously. That idea makes you want to sigh a big, happy sigh, doesn’t it?