November 18 | Salty Social

A few times a year, we like to get staff from both our locations together for a team day. Our ideal way to bond is to get outside, preferably to the ocean, and spend some quality time together with great food. 

On this particular outing, we piled into a big wooden boat from 1952 and headed to Sidney Spit. With inspiration from Sarah Glover's WILD Adventure Cookbook + the ocean itself, we cooked crab, oysters, fire roasted pumpkin, and coconut milk bread pudding all over an open fire. Paired with locally produced Fernwood Coffee, SS Ales brews, and SS Kitchen Co preserves, it was quite honestly a feast. The talented Meghan of Sweet Heirloom captured the bright sun, sparkling ocean, and bright smiles that followed us all day. Much better than a conference room meeting, we think.