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Article: ADVENTURE 01 | Brugge

ADVENTURE  01  |  Brugge

ADVENTURE 01 | Brugge

As mentioned in my last blog post, I am off on a little holiday in Europe! It's funny as this is my third visit to this area of the world and there is still so much more to see. The main reason for this trip was to visit with my two closest friends. But, I cant escape from the day to day without a little adventure. 

Mornings together in Brugge were spent seeking unique cafe's, while afternoons were full of laughter, wandering and more food. Above are some snaps of my favourite find for a caffeine fix, Cafe Nero. It is tucked away slightly off track in a small square. I love the decor, coffee and, that is run by two woman! Feels great to support a small independent business like myself! We have to stick together!

Other then coffee, when in Brugge one must consume the following: First, A large blob of mayo accompanied by a heap of Frites, or Belgian French Fries. Second, a Liege Waffle, I suggest without all the extras as these are sweet and delightful all by there lonesome! And lastly, a good stew with some Belgian beer, also usually accompanied by more frites!

Being late January the sparkling canals of Brugge were somewhat icy. Which I found had its own charm. There is something to the stark beauty of winter, and it's not only that the crowds are less. Life also seems to move a little slower, and sometimes when you are on vacation in such a tourist driven city it is nice to remind yourself to move slow. I was grateful to have two great friends to share this trip with.

Stay tuned for more travel stories! I will have some favourites from Dusseldorf, Germany coming up as well as the wilds of Scotland before I am home! Also, be sure to follow our Instagram to see what I am doing day to day on our Instagram stories! 

Thanks for reading! 

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