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As some of you may know I am on my way to the wintery side of Europe on Thursday.. and I am SOOOO excited! My two closest childhood friends are taking up residence in different parts of Europe and I am popping over to say hi and share some adventures. 

First stop with be the cozy home of my friend Kylin and her small family in Dusseldorf, Germany. I have never spent much time in Germany, other then a quick stop over in Berlin on my post high school European adventure. So, I am excited to sink into the city life and try a new selection of foods! Plus, getting a chance to connect with little Theo, her 14month old, will be the highlight I am sure! 

Moving on from there will be a ladies night in Brugge, where the three of us come together to reminisce and catch up! Then onto a three night stay in London with Caitlin. From London, Caitlin and I will then continue to seven days in the highlands of Scotland hiking and sight seeing. We have rented a car and although that is a little nerve wracking, driving on the wrong side of the road and all, I can't wait to see some highland scenery!

Below I have compiled a few winter travel essentials from SALT alongside some staples in my life. Things I can't live without, and things that will make traveling easier as well as capture the moments!



My long flight itinerary with layovers will be made more enjoyable thanks to a few items from Artifact Skin Co. My Konjac Sponge is pure magic! It will help to keep me feeling refreshed between flights! I'll also be sure to have my Artifact Honey marshmallow lip mask with me to keep my lips moisturized within the dry air of the cabin.  

Above Mira is shown wearing a distressed pair of jeans alongside a Demi Sweater all made by MUD, an ethical brand from Europe. This chunky sweater will be essential on my highland walks as well as my favourite, dependable 'Blundies'. These boots were made to last and have a great tread for walking. 

I'll be kept safe from the elements no matter the weather with a combination of my Camp Cap, Granted pom pom toque, Westerly Umbrella, Linen Scarf and Ray Ban sunnies! Lastly, no trip is complete without something to capture the memories. I have spoiled myself with a new camera just in time for this great adventure, a Canon 5D iv. I can't wait to capture video alongside some breathtaking stills! I'll be sure to share then with you here! 


See something you need? Grab it from SALT now!



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