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Article: ADVENTURE 02 | Wild Scotland

ADVENTURE 02  |  Wild Scotland

ADVENTURE 02 | Wild Scotland

The opportunity to feel the heart of a different country, to explore it’s unique landscapes and meet the people that cultivate it’s communities is where I find joy in travel. Scotland has always been on my list of wild places to see. This winter, after my first year of business at SALT, I felt a familiar tug on my heart strings to have an experience. I knew that I was headed to Europe to visit some of my closest ladies in their new communities. Knowing this, a cheap flight to Edinburgh and a road trip around Scotland seemed like a fantastic idea, and one for the bucket list! 

I rallied one of my closest friends, Caitlin, to come with me and we started to plan. Caitlin and I are both busy people, constantly striving for what is next in life, so a road trip, with LOTS of hiking planned felt like the best way for both of us to escape and unwind from our full lives. 

Upon landing in Edinburgh, Caitlin and I grabbed our car and instantly hit the road. We were headed to the highlands in the direction of John o’ Groats, the northern most tip of Scotland. This is when the real adventure set in, driving on the wrong side of the road in a standard car! I am excited for a challenge at the best of times, and this one was a laugh. Caitlin was the best co-pilot for the journey, gently reminding me that I was a little close to the curb/ditch as large lorries whipped past my right side on the windy rural roads. Being from Salt Spring Island, navigating windy rural roads at top speeds are my jam, just not while driving stick with my left hand, on the wrong side of the road with large delivery trucks as my oncoming obstacle! It took me a few hours to settle in to the changes and then Caitlin and I were off to the races. 

Our seven day adventure took us on a windy coastal hike, through two national parks, along a coastline dotted with small villages and wild secluded cabins. On our fourth day, we crossed Skye Bridge onto the Isle of Skye, which is breathtaking with it’s Fairy Pools and small towns. Skye was a highlight with many sights to see and a sense of home, definitely a place I could live.  

There is a vast feeling that runs through you upon a visit to Scotland. The mountains aggressively rise out of deep valleys dotted with lakes and heather, and there are the most beautiful skies you have ever seen. Also sheep. Sheep really are everywhere! I personally don’t think that one visit to Scotland in enough. After my first visit I am now dreaming of the day I can go back and rent one of the small cottages nestled between two mountains and hike every day coming home to a wood fire and some local whiskey! 




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