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Article: ADVENTURE 03 | Meet Wilder

ADVENTURE 03  |  Meet Wilder

ADVENTURE 03 | Meet Wilder

Over the past year, I built my first home! A beautiful, modern 1350 sqft haven with the help of family + friends. After moving in and spending some time there I have realized that at this time in my life, I don't need that much space. Cue my next adventure.

I would like to introduce you to my newest kin member: Wilder. I will be taking on the renovation of this 31ft 1973 Airstream Sovereign starting in August, rebuilding it from the frame up. Owning a vintage trailer has been a dream of mine since I knew cool trailers such as airstreams, shastas + spartans existed. Growing up I always viewed campers as more of a home. For me, camping means sleeping in a tent under the stars + cooking over a fire. However, as a long term housing option, campers, and specifically an airstream, seemed like an exciting option.

I was lucky enough to find Wilder on Salt Spring. She was well loved and lived near a lake. I was ecstatic to be the ‘chosen one’ to purchase her. She had plenty of interest! I joke that I manifested her. I had decided to sell my house and knew that an airstream was my next adventure… within weeks, volia! The perfect project airstream for me, only 2 minutes down the road.

I scooped her up on the 13th of May, my 29th birthday! What a fantastic day to take a new step. She has been sitting and patiently waiting for me to start pulling her apart. I know the process is going to test my skills, patience, and perseverance, but at the end of the day, I am just so excited for the journey.   

I intend on starting in August, as soon as I am out of my house and back from a fun + relaxing boat trip (an adventure post will follow!).  Enjoy the images of her today and stay tuned for more as time passes! Follow my airstream Instagram account for the transformation: @MeetWilder

Stay tuned!

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