HOME | A Sanctioned Space

When you walk in the front door, especially after a long day, you just want to enjoy the sanctuary of home. Somewhere that is yours to be you and decompress from the distractions of the outside world. Lighting a candle or spritzing your favourite scent can really help with creating a tranquil atmosphere that separates you from whatever it is you desire space from.  

Candlelight is a comfort, and also a mystery. The flicker of the flame. The dance of the shadows. The calmness of the dim. It's soft light envelopes us like a hug. Yet, it's constant flurry of movement puts our surroundings in a dynamic state, never holding still for longer than a few seconds. 

It is dangerous, and fleeting, that tiny blossom of fire only in existence at our will. Yet the power it holds to spark catastrophe never forgotten. It lets us sink into the past, before bright neon illuminated every nook and cranny from above. It is an old school kind of love we have for these tiny sources of golden glow. 

A candle flame has become a blessed thing. Used in prayer, the light representing a sacred connection, even remembering a soul who has passed on. Appropriate for a relaxing bath, a romantic dinner, and as a saviour on stormy nights. The burning of the wax releases aroma into the air, filling our home with whatever mood we are craving. 

Scent is another important part of setting the tone in your home. Banish the lingering smell of last night's dinner and still air by adorning yourself and your house with rejuvenating aromas. The scent of anything pleasant, a flower, a perfume, your favourite person, can trigger memories and emotions that will take you back or propel you forward. It could be a sweetness that permeates the room, the subtle whiff of a delicate floral applied to the wrist, or the sharp freshness of evergreen. Scent can lull us into calm or awaken us to the present. It can balance us, ground us; it is inseparably linked to our emotions. 

Whatever ambiance you want to create in your home, surround yourself with things that suit you. Your home should fulfill all your senses, while simultaneously comforting you and reminding you why you get up everyday to go out into the world to accomplish great things. At SALT, we are for open spaces and curated, meaningful items. Let us help you build a home you love.