CANADA | Why we love it

We have so much to be grateful for in this vast country of ours.

Sure, we have things like Tim Hortons, plaid, hockey, toques, and all the other funny little things that we are associated with abroad. We love those things, but it is the fundamentals of our country that make it fantastic. Openness, respect, compassion.

Our country takes care of us, so that when we are hurt or a family member is sick, we don't have to decide between getting better or going into debt. We have freedom and peace at levels far beyond so many places in the world. Travellers the world over talk of our welcoming and affable nature; we care about each other. 

We haven't always been all cute beavers and friendly smiles. We have our dark past. Our indigenous peoples have suffered greatly at the hands of new settlers not that long ago, and still do. We hope that the work we are doing in our country progresses, and that their hearts soon find peace.

As any country, we have our list of widely known names that have made a splash in their field. We have brought the world the talents of Leonard Cohen, Michael Buble, Ryan Gosling AND Reynolds, Rachel McAdams, Ellen Page, Joni Mitchell, and Sarah Mclachlan to name a few. We have sent astronauts like Chris Hadfield to the moon, we have had nobel prize winners, inventors, athletes, and many more great minds. Not to mention bringing poutine, Caesars, peanut butter, and Nanaimo bars to the table. 

More than anything, we have so much beauty here, so much wildness. Our natural landscapes span an incredible range, from snow capped mountains and rainy forests, to flat prairies and rocky shorelines. We have big skies and great open spaces, lights that dance across the night sky to the heavens, and lakes for miles.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to call this country home knows what we're talking about. We are proud to be among them. Happy 150th Canada!


Images by  |  Julie Williams Photography