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Article: BALANCE | Work + Life

BALANCE  | Work + Life

BALANCE | Work + Life

I have to laugh as I start to write this. The topic is a little ridiculous due to the fact that I have been trying to write this post for four weeks, which just goes to show you how balanced my to do list is at SALT these days.

Finding a good work/life rhythm is a subject that weighs on me heavily, not in a bad or good way. It is just something that I try to be mindful of. Being an entrepreneur for the last 12 years of my life has lead to some high highs alongside low lows. Now in my 29th year as a human, I look back and see those moments as a lesson to take better care of myself. So that is exactly what I plan to do! 

Work/Life Balance is a topic that gets plenty of airplay. Working in the digital age means that things can happen fast, and work is always at your fingertips. So how do we cope when we feel overwhelmed? What can we do to stay grounded?

Since January, I have reserved some mental space for observing myself and my work habits. I believe that balance is different for each and every one of us. It is through being mindful of our personalities that we can learn to understand what helps us to feel empowered and grounded from day to day. In the last six months I have learned a couple of key things about myself that help keep my rhythm flowing.

I truly value my time in nature; it is extremely grounding and calming. It is also a great opportunity to leave my phone behind and just settle into being me. Hiking or beachcombing are my favourite ways to get outdoors.

What I consume is crucial. The food we put into our bodies is fuel for what we need to accomplish in a day. I need a lot of fuel to keep up with my schedule, so I have to commit to eating whole foods that treat my body right!

My To Do list never gets smaller, it just turns over with the next important tasks at hand. It is a good reminder that I am constantly up to great things (and helps me not forget to do them!).

These three realizations are how I manage to maintain a sense of calm in between running my life and my businesses. Being an entrepreneur at heart, you can be sure that SALT is not the only venture I have on the go. I am usually juggling between 3+ different projects at once. It’s pure insanity, but I love it!  

So, how am I doing? Well, by how delayed I was in writing this blog post, some would think not the best! Ha. However, I think it is quite the opposite.  

My biggest factor in maintaining balance is an understanding of my personality first. I honour what drives me and acknowledge that sometimes I have genius ideas at 11pm at night that can’t wait to be written down. But I also set up my life in a way so that after a late night brainstorm, I can wake up slow, with tea and maybe a little yoga or a walk on a nearby trail. It is honouring all aspects of my personality, firey, energetic, calm, quiet, creative, and positive that help me to understand what balance means for me, and how to keep it.   

- XX Jessica

Images by Sweet Heirloom Photography

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