When the sun is constantly shining and warming our outside world, we tend to make plans with friends outdoors. Camping, hiking, BBQing. On the West Coast, our winter may not be bitingly frigid the way it is in many parts of Canada, but it is still dark and wet. It's that time of year when you are waking up and going home in the dark (in this hemisphere anyways). 

This atmosphere compels us to turn to our indoor spaces to spend much of our time. Our fireplaces and our favourite blankets become our closest companions. We tend to spend more time alone, or more time with just the people that live in our homes. We talk a lot about home. What makes a home? What sustains a home? We think that undoubtably the most popular answer would be the people in your home. The family and friends that you co-habit with, or have visit you. That is true.

We feel that your home can also be a statement about who you are. It doesn't have to be one that jumps out like a flashing neon sign. However, what you have visible in your home will represent you no matter what. How we live speaks volumes to what we value and how those values influence our lifestyles. Looking around a home, you could probably deduce if someone is a conscious consumer, or one of convenience. If they prioritize trendy over longevity, want over need, accessibility over sustainability. 

We love home decor that is not only beautiful and functional, but has a story, a good one. Behind every item you can hold, wear, touch, is a story of the creator. Someone had to make it. Someone put thought and effort into it.

For example, creating our SALT candles, an item we tackled for the first time this past winter, was a journey of thoughtful decisions. Firstly, we knew we wanted them to be produced locally, so a collaboration with Salt Spring Island Candle Co. was the obvious answer (a company who has a story all unto themselves). The questions went on from there. What scents did we want? What did we want them to convey in a home? What ingredients did that mean? What receptacle did we want them to be in? How could we make that as sustainable as possible? What did we want to name them? More thought than you might think! In the end, we decided on 3 scents that combine 100% essential oils with 100% soy wax to create an ambiance of refreshment, calm, and natural environments. The names of each scent pay homage to the West Coast, evoking thoughts of the ocean and the areas we so desperately want to keep safe. Plus, the glass we chose is actually a whiskey glass, and at the end of the life of the candle, can be cleaned out and used in the kitchen again and again. All these details were part of the process, part of the story. We love knowing that when they are burning brightly in a home, these are the kinds of details the owner can share with their guests.

Or consider anything we have that is made by Convivial Production, like their Riveted Mug, that brings us so much warmth in the mornings. All their items are sustainably created by hand with the intention of bringing people together. With their timeless style and geometric lines, we can't imagine their pieces not being conversation starters.

Anything you bring into your home could become a conversation piece. Why not ensure that those conversations revolve around sustainable production, mindful consumption, and taking pride in supporting local stores and small batch artisans? We're not saying your living room has to be a political statement loaded with challenging questions for your guests, but combining comfort and style, with conscious consumption is an easy way to lead by example when it comes to being mindful of how your purchases impact our planet.

The items you collect speak to who you are and how you make decisions. There are so many areas in your home where you can represent a conscious lifestyle. In your kitchen, choosing sustainable options for your pan brushes like ones from Iris Hantverk, instead of plastic. Keeping cloth napkins and dishcloths on hand, instead of relying on the one-time use rolls of paper towel. In other parts of the home, frame personal photos or hang locally done art on your walls instead of generic prints. All these details will add up to a home that is unique, thoughtful, and stands for going beyond just what is convenient or trendy.

Even though the darkness may propel us to spend more time at home, in cozy spaces away from the cold, we encourage you to welcome people into your space at least a few times over the next few months. Connecting together over good food and good company is part of creating and maintaining community. Doing it in a space that you love makes it that much better.

Shop sustainable home decor, and comfortable style for at home, online or in-store anytime.