IMPACT OF ONE | No cup, no coffee

Every one of us has a personal responsibility to our planet. No matter where you are, this Earth is your home. As we have said many times before, we need to find our collective voice to make a lasting difference. That all starts with us, one by one, making changes. 

At SALT, we have a store motto: No cup, no coffee. It is a mantra that encourages everyone to invest in re-useable containers for all kinds of food and drink. Single use items like coffee cups that use plastic lids, waste energy and clog our landfills. It is so avoidable too! It's really not that difficult to think ahead a little bit. You can invest in a nice, insulated to-go cup that will last decades, or you could even just re-purpose any jar in your kitchen. Cheap and easy! Same goes for your water bottle. Get a size that suits you, and fill it up before you leave the house.

So at work, if you forget your thermos or mug or mason jar, no coffee for you! Forget your re-useable water bottle? Man, is it going to be a thirsty day! By sticking to this commitment, on those days we forget we will suffer the consequences by missing out. Hopefully, this will encourage us to make these habits so second nature that we won't go another day without hydrating. We will be those people who have a jar in our car, purse, and at work so we always have an on the go option that we can reuse. 

A culture of convenience was created from the development of production technologies that allowed us to manufacture cups and containers on a massive scale. This paved the way for the "To-Go" option from coffee shops and restaurants, making it so easy for us to leave food prep to someone else, not worrying about the consequences.

This happened decades ago, and it seems like the after-math has only started to dawn on people in the past few years. There have always been strong advocates of environmental sustainability, but it is more mainstream now. The younger generations are making it cool to shop in thrift stores again, and becoming more vocal and aware. Things like making your own pour over coffee at home or bringing a salad in a mason jar are popular. We encourage these trends to continue! They not only make sense, but they are cheaper! If you have the luxury of being able to shop for a full house of groceries every week, chances are you can find a few minutes to meal-plan so your lunches are as easy as dumping leftovers into a glass container. You'll save money by not eating out everyday and you'll have the satisfaction of saving a to-go container from the landfill.

Who is with us?! Adopt a No cup, No coffee policy for your work and home life. Together, we will make a difference, one caffeinated creation at a time.