The jacket. This time of year, it may be the only piece of your outfit that anyone notices. So make it count. Our top layer isn't just for keeping the heat in, it can be the statement that ties together our whole outfit. Some top style experts will say never buy a boring jacket. Words to live by!

We are so excited to add our first outerwear pieces to our SALT line. We created a  long and a short option to suit different styles and different seasons. 

Indra Jacket  |

A long-bomber made to protect your hips and your thighs from dripping skies. Style and function don't have to duke it out. Indra is as well suited for a wet-hike as it is for a street stroll. The repreve outer layer offers waterproof protection with a matte finish. Repreve touts itself as the world's leading recycled fibre. Take a minute to watch their impressive video of how they take plastic bottles and turn them into fabric!


Reef Crop Bomber   |

The Reef Crop Bomber was born by fluke. While perfecting the shoulders for the Indra, we ordered a sample that was only the top. Turns out, it looked great when you cut it in half too (well, you know what we mean). A few tweaks and the Reef was on the drawing board!

Chambray gives you the style of a jean jacket, without the restrictive stiffness. With the short hem, classic black adds a moto-vibe. Repreve shows up again to keep water rolling to the ground. This shorty-style is great with a crop top and anything high-waisted. Throw it on in Spring to cap off an outfit, day or night.


Both jackets are collared and cuffed with a soft, cotton rib characteristic of a bomber style that will keep your sleeves in place. Deep pockets and soft linings are the finishing touches on two styles that are made to last.

A good outwear piece is an investment that will pay you back every time you put it on. Share with us your favourite way to wear these West Coast inspired topcoats. We love to see what you do with our duds!

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