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Article: SALT's FAVOURITE THINGS | Staff Picks



When we wander through our stores, we want everything in them to reflect what we stand for. We stand for beauty + function, long-lasting, multi-use items, passion driven endeavours, and ocean conservation. We do our best to represent those things in our stores and in our lives, especially with the products we carry. 

Every item we create or bring into our stores are carefully crafted and chosen and we love them all. We wanted to give a little extra shout out to a few items that we are super jazzed about! We figured what better way than to ask some of our team what their favourite things are right now (and we swear, we had to pair down their choices!).

Our owner and designer Jessica could easily pick every item in the store, but currently she is crushing on the following few items.

Salish Sea Candle 

As a lover of candles herself, Jess was really excited to work with Salt Spring Island Candle Co to bring her own to stores. Having candles with scents we were able to collaborate on fills our hearts, homes, and shops with sweet + woodsy comfort. 

Ren Button Up | Onyx

Bringing button ups to our line was a goal we were looking forward to for the better part of the year. Jess loves the way the hem on Ren is so versatile and the way the tencel falls. We also introduced Rio, our uni-sex button up done in cozy cotton. Having two options that can be styled so many ways makes us feel like our wardrobes are complete.

Shore Pant | Kelp

This was a new colour in a core style. We don't use too many colours in our line, and we are so glad we chose this one to bring to this year's palette. Jess describes these pants as "On point!" We're pretty sure that means she's happy with them. Cuffed, or full-length, they look cute with boots of any height and are a perfect holiday party option (in any colour). 

Our Victoria Store Manager Stacey's top picks are the Pacific Sweater and the Cari Basic Tank. The Pacific Sweater has been with us since day one and as Stacey puts it,  is "hands down" the favourite long sleeve in the shop. We love that it suits men and women, worn loose or fitted. Plus, it is just so darn comfy! The Cari Tank is a great base layer, one that Stacey says is a part of her outfit almost everyday.

SALT SSI veteran Alix has seen the birth of every item in store and has many favoured styles. A few from her list are the Hydra Bralette + Oceana Cardigan. Our racerback Hydra Bralette recently went through a style update plus we added a neutral cream colour that hides well under light colour tops. With simple support and soft seams, it is an easy everyday option. The Oceana Cardigan's long hem makes it easy to pair with any top and it's cozy bamboo french terry keeps Alix warm during her store shifts! 

Robin and Claire of our Victoria and Salt Spring stores respectively are both fans of our Best Selling Basics. Robin favours the Ula V-Neck Tee with it's finished hem and pointed neckline. Claire is partial to our Nerio Tee. A round neckline and a longer, side-split hem makes it easy to style with anything, including tucked into a high-waisted skirt or pair of jeans. It is an everyday staple in her wardrobe. They are not alone either - we have seen customers return to buy both styles in every colour!

Madi in Victoria is loving our Fjord Box Top with it's drop shoulders and looser, flowy fit. A great long sleeve option for these chillier days! Hayley from our Media Team has our Mizuko Jumpsuit on her Christmas wish-list. It's cuffed ankles keep it in place, and the loose fit makes it a comfortable one-piece option suitable for lounging or for a day out and about. Throw it on over a tank or tee and your outfit is good to go!

Our Community Manager (and blogger) Emily has too many favourites but if she had to choose, right now it would be the Marine Crop Top, Kai Long Sleeve, and Hali Bralette. Even though it might be getting a little chilly, the Marine Crop Top is still a perfect mate to any high-waisted pant, paired with a sweater to keep the cold at bay. The Kai Long sleeve is Emily's first choice for longer sleeves. The soft bamboo cotton and the closely fitted arms make it feel like wearing a gentle hug. The Hali Bralette, the straight strapped cousin of Hydra, is just such a super comfy support option to go under any top.

(She is also really digging the Ula Tee in Navy, which is a new colour for us, and wants to collapse into a pile of all the button ups because they are so soft!)


There are plenty of items on our shelves these days that we didn't create, but are (almost) equally enamoured with. 

WILD Adventure Cookbook by Sarah Glover

This woman's outlook on food and creative cooking techniques will inspire you and change the way you approach your food. Simple, delicious recipes that get you outside and connect you to what you're eating.

Dans le Sac Zero Waste Kit

This little collection provides you with two large and one small bulk bags and a bread bag, all in natural cotton. These sustainable items will help you create better habits and decrease household waste. Plus, they are made in Canada by an awesome female duo who is committed to a greener, healthier planet.


Convivial Planters

We love everything Convivial does, but we have been especially into their planters lately. Looking at photos of these ceramics being handcut and glazed by the dedicated team who creates them makes us feel like not only are we holding a useful household item, but a delicately crafted piece of art. So much precision goes into each item, and yet, each one is unique. And they give our plants such neat homes!

Bonnetier Camp Socks

Bonnetier Socks got multiple votes for one of the coziest things in the store. A solid pair of wool socks goes a long way on a cold day. 

We clearly have a lot of love for the things we have in our stores. Keeping our homes and our bodies adorned with sustainable, beautiful items is a priority we take seriously, that we want everyone to share in. We might not have the whiskers of kittens to bring delight to your day, but we bet that any one of these items gifted in a brown paper package tied up with string will keep you from feeling anything but sad.

Enjoyed getting to know a little bit about our team? Stay tuned! We hope you get to know them a little better in the coming months.

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