Basic. It's a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. It's connotation has gone from the simple to the technical to the negative. It is used commonly by chemists, military personnel, even programmers. More recently it has become an unfortunate slang term, describing a person seen as void of interesting or worthwhile character. Why such an innocent word needed to be warped into something so demeaning we are not sure, that is just the way slang seems to evolve. Regardless of what pop-culture says, we miss the simpler days. So we're taking them back.

Our chosen definition for basic is about fundamentals; about something you can build around. If you wanted to start at the bottom of something, where would you begin? The base. The base of a house, a wardrobe, a life. The base anchors you. It's where you grow your roots. That's how we approach our designs.

There came a time when we lost our way as consumers. When having the thing was more important than what it was or how it was made. It had to be the latest, the greatest. Production became more about quantity than quality. Fast Fashion was born.

We are of a movement that takes it's roots from the days before mass production came on the scene and small-batch handmakers were the only option. Things were made to last because we needed them to; quality was a necessity of life. We would argue that it still is.

At SALT, we create elevated basics for a mindful life. Naturals and neutrals are the cornerstones of our Owner/Designer Jessica's design method.  She applies this to her clothing line not only because of her style preferences, but also because she wants you to build a wardrobe that will last. As a promoter of Slow Fashion, she knows that building a wardrobe based on next season's styles and colours only leads to planned obsolescence and waste. She prefers clean lines, quality fabrics made from natural fibres, and a neutral palette that you can mix together over and over. Goodbye meltdowns over putting together an outfit.

When versatile, timeless style, and sustainable production are what you base your clothing on, it makes living a conscious life so much easier. Gone is the stress of trying to keep up with anyone or anything. You're not constantly on the hunt. Your purchases are intentional when guided by the belief that we really can have more from less. And you're doing the planet a big favour. By choosing long-lasting, natural fibres, you will be contributing less to landfills and supporting more sustainable production practices, keeping our Earth cleaner and less cluttered.

The next time the word basic crosses your path, ignore the shroud of pessimism that society has draped it with and remember that when elevated by conscious production and mindful living, basic is better.