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Stocking Stuffers - Gifts under $50

From eco-friendly essentials to locally-made giftables, each item tells a story of mindful living and can be found for under $50.

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Scrunchie - SALT ShopScrunchie - SALT Shop
Scrunchie Sale price$13.00 CAD
Crew ToqueCrew Toque - SALT Shop
Crew Toque Sale price$38.00 CAD
model is wearing a size MediumModels are wearing sizes Medium and X-Large
SALT Candle | Howe Sound - SALT Shop
SALT Candle | Howe Sound Sale price$42.00 CAD
Intention candlesIntention candles
Intention candles Sale price$32.00 CAD
Magazine | Folklife
Magazine | Folklife Sale price$20.99 CAD
Saltwater Soap | Salish SeaSaltwater Soap | Salish Sea
Saltwater Soap | Salish Sea Sale price$12.00 CAD
SALT Travel Candle | Howe SoundSALT Travel Candle | Howe Sound
SALT Candle | Sunshine Coast - SALT ShopSALT Candle | Sunshine Coast
SALT Candle | Sunshine Coast Sale price$42.00 CAD
Instant Coffee | Fernwood Coffee CompanyInstant Coffee | Fernwood Coffee Company
Rigger ToqueRigger Toque
Rigger Toque Sale price$38.00 CAD
SALT Candle | Salish Sea - SALT Shop
SALT Candle | Salish Sea Sale price$42.00 CAD
SALT Travel Candle | Salish Sea
SALT Travel Candle | Sunshine Coast
The Cabin Collection | Pancake MixThe Cabin Collection | Pancake Mix
Bar Soap | Midnight Rain
Bar Soap | Midnight Rain Sale price$12.00 CAD
The Cabin Collection | Hot ChocolateThe Cabin Collection | Hot Chocolate
Meri Thong Underwear  |  Assorted 2 PackMeri Thong Underwear  |  Assorted 2 Pack
Tarot Reading to GoTarot Reading to Go
Tarot Reading to Go Sale price$9.00 CAD
SEA SALT | Smoked Mesquite
SEA SALT | Smoked Mesquite Sale price$12.00 CAD
Skipper PJ LeggingsSkipper PJ Leggings
Skipper PJ Leggings Sale price$22.00 CAD
SEA SALT | Jalapeno Lime
SEA SALT | Jalapeno Lime Sale price$12.00 CAD
Save 50%Mini Tumbler - SALT ShopMini Tumbler - SALT Shop
Mini Tumbler Sale price$6.00 CAD Regular price$12.00 CAD
SEA SALT | Porter Ale
SEA SALT | Porter Ale Sale price$12.00 CAD
Waxed Canvas Lunch BagWaxed Canvas Lunch Bag
Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag Sale price$36.00 CAD
Coastal Crew Burgee FlagCoastal Crew Burgee Flag
Coastal Crew Burgee Flag Sale price$36.00 CAD
SALT Travel Candle | Summer Camp
SALT Travel Candle | Summer Camp Sale price$23.00 CAD
Save 31%Porter Wine & Drink Glass CupPorter Wine & Drink Glass Cup
Porter Wine & Drink Glass Cup Sale price$24.00 CAD Regular price$35.00 CAD
Camp CardsCamp Cards
Camp Cards Sale price$20.00 CAD
SEA SALT | Natural Sale price$12.00 CAD
Save 50%Black Notebook | 2-pack Dot graph paper
Black Notebook | 2-pack Dot graph paper Sale price$10.00 CAD Regular price$20.00 CAD
Youth Fireside Socks
Youth Fireside Socks Sale price$22.00 CAD
Save 50%Fjord Box Top XXS | RainFjord Box Top XXS | Rain
Fjord Box Top XXS | Rain Sale price$42.00 CAD Regular price$84.00 CAD
NO. 2 WOODGRAIN PENCIL | 6-PACK Sale price$5.00 CAD Regular price$10.00 CAD
Skipper Kid's Bike ShortsSkipper Kid's Bike Shorts
Skipper Kid's Bike Shorts Sale price$32.00 CAD
Mini Hard CoolerMini Hard Cooler
Mini Hard Cooler Sale price$42.00 CAD
Basil + Neroli Incense Sticks
Basil + Neroli Incense Sticks Sale price$10.00 CAD
Magazine | Folklife - Back IssuesMagazine | Folklife - Back Issues
Magazine | Folklife - Back Issues Sale price$18.99 CAD
Magazine | Folklife
Magazine | Folklife Sale price$20.99 CAD
Pine Resin Infused FirestarterPine Resin Infused Firestarter
Pine Resin Infused Firestarter Sale price$16.00 CAD
Aperol + Orange Incense Sticks
Aperol + Orange Incense Sticks Sale price$10.00 CAD
Nectarine + Honey Incense Sticks
Nectarine + Honey Incense Sticks Sale price$10.00 CAD
Polished Concrete Incense Burner
Polished Concrete Incense Burner Sale price$41.00 CAD
Polished Concrete Match Pot
Polished Concrete Match Pot Sale price$24.00 CAD