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Article: FALCON ENAMELWARE | Inside and Out



Falcon Enamelware Mug Outdoors Camping

What a tradition camping is! We leave our perfectly functional homes to escape into the woods. We set up a temporary lodging. We take it down again in just a few days. Yet we all understand why we do it. If you live in an urban city, it may be the only time you get to smell the forest, see the stars, hear the quiet. 

We were meant to live amongst nature. The way we are now, stacked atop one another in so many places, it's a natural solution to being over-crowded, but such an unnatural way to live. Humans are social beings yes, but we need to run through open spaces, marvel at wide skies, and feel Earth beneath our toes. There is a reason so many campsites book up months in advance. 

Falcon Enamelware Beach Picnic Taco

Before heading out into the wild, we need the right supplies to embark on our adventures. We start our camping packing list by opening our cupboards and pulling out our daily dishes; Falcon Enamelware.

Enamelware, for those unfamiliar with it, is a type of dishware that is created by fusing porcelain onto metal, usually steel, iron, or aluminum. The result is a glossy finish that can withstand high heats and is very easy to clean. It's the second most stick-resistant material used in cooking! (Source)

We know packing your kitchen china for a camping trip sounds crazy, especially if they're made of porcelain. But with enamelware’s durability, that's not an issue. Say goodbye to storing a separate bin of dishes for camping or picnics. Falcon Enamelware is Long-lasting, multi-use and functional. And once it does meet the end of it’s lifecycle, the enamel doesn’t effect the recyclable nature of the steel. 

Falcon Enamelware knows exactly what they're doing. Established in 1920 in Black Country, England, Their enamelware uses a heavy-gauge steel for extra durability, smoothness, and chemical-resistance. All their enamelware is oven safe and can be used on campfires and both electric and gas burners. If you drop them, they may chip, but very rarely would they break.

All this to say, by using Falcon Enamelware in your kitchen you're curating an heirloom collection that can be handed down for many years to come. Plus, did we mention it's dishwasher safe? Yes, we'll hold for applause.

To circle back to camping, Enamelware is perfect for use both indoors and out. Whether it is in classic black, or a more modern choice like Pigeon Grey, a table set with Falcon dishes will always be presentable, and easy to pair with whatever meal you may be serving. And everything can be served hot, since whatever's prepared ahead can be popped into the oven right in the dish.

We love the idea of everything in our homes having the same life cycle as we do, and beyond. There truly is peace in knowing you are living a de-cluttered life and what possessions you require, will be forever useful, even after they are re-purposed. 


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